Wednesday, May 28, 2014

SBI PO 2014: How To Begin Preparation?

With the SBI PO exam scheduled to begin in June, the most common question that first time aspirants have is “How Do I Begin Preparing for the exam?” With each aspirant being different with the amount of preparation already put in along with the willingness to put in different amounts of time leading up to the exam, we at Oliveboard decided to create an intelligent study planner that creates a personalized study plan that not only takes into account the syllabus of the exam along with the importance of topics but also tracks your preparation up to the exam date. The planner is your personal exam assistant that guides you through a step by step process to help you follow a systematic routine to crack the exam.
To Sign Up & create your own Study Plan for SBI PO 2014, click here.

Here is a 3-step process to create your own Study Planner for SBI PO 2014.
1) Choose the Date of Completion: You can choose the date on which you would like to complete the course and your preferred study time and the intelligent planner will create a personalized plan by factoring in the the syllabus of the exam as well as the relative importance of various topics.

2) Modify/Save Plan: Once a plan has been created for you, it displays your day to day activities for you to complete your task. You can modify the plan created for you by moving items to a different date or deleting them and then hitting Save to save the plan.

3) Track your Progress: Once you have saved your plan, the Dashboard gives you not only the activities that are upcoming but also a chart that tracks your progress towards course completion. 

To Sign Up & create your own Study Plan for SBI PO 2014, click here. Good luck with your preparation!


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