Friday, September 26, 2014

Group Discussion Tips

What is Group Discussion?
Group Discussion is a modern, yet common method of candidate elimination conducted in Banking Exam selection. It is typically conducted as a second round of elimination for candidates who cleared the written tests. Over here, a small group (typically 6-10 members) is created and a topic is given for discussion. The candidates in the group are then asked to discuss the topic and share their opinions. Read more below or Click here to prepare for IBPS PO and other Bank exams.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

IBPS PO 2013 Exam Pattern & Questions

With exactly a month to go for the IBPS PO 4 exam, lets re-look at the 2013 exam which saw a change in pattern and was the first time the exam was conducted online. Back then in Oct 2013, many students were surprised with the considerable shift in the difficulty level of the exam. The exam also did NOT have a few traditional topics such as Visual Reasoning and Simplification. Let's look at the breakup of one of the slots - since it was an online exam conducted over multiple slots, there were minor variations is the number of questions of a topic. More details on the exam below. (To take a FREE Mock Test in the new IBPS Pattern, click here. )