Sunday, October 12, 2014

IBPS PO CWE Exam - Last Minute Tips

Many of these tips may appear basic but are vital as the IBPS PO is a speed based exam and small optimizations at your end can help you score at least a few extra marks. 

Before the exam

  • Do not practice or study too much the night before or on the day of the exam. Keep your mind fresh and active to help you stay focused for 120 minutes.
  • Ensure you get a good night's sleep (at least 8 hours) before your exam. Lack of adequate sleep can render the mind significantly slow especially when speed is the key during the exam
  • Reach the center well in time to avoid any nervous energy and stress creeping in. Stress can further reduce your performance in a time sensitive test.
  • Carry the following with you: Exam Call Letter, a Photo ID Proof, a pen, and one copy each of the Call letter and the ID proof. 
  • Get used to the IBPS PO online interface. The IBPS PO test interface is not easy to get used to. Getting familiarized with it can give you a slight time advantage over the rest of the candidates who are unfamiliar with the interface. Click here to take the free mock IBPS PO in the actual interface to familiarize yourself.
During the exam
  • Stick to the order of sections that you have decided before coming in: If you have been solving mock tests by following a certain order of sections that you attempt, stick to that. Do not change it. Build confidence by attempting the easy ones first. The confidence will create a positive momentum for you to do well over the 120 minutes.
  • Keep the difficult and time consuming questions in each section for the end. Build confidence by attempting the easy ones in each section first. The confidence will create a positive momentum for you to do well over the 120 minutes.
  • Manage Time well:- Do not spend more than 20 minutes overall on General Awareness or Computer Knowledge. You either know the answer or you do not. Within each of the other sections as well, work on the easy ones before moving onto the more difficult ones.
  • Do not get stuck on any question:- Give yourself a cut-off of, lets say 90-120 seconds, and if any question takes more than that, leave it and you can return in case you have time. Remember, every question carries the same weightage within a section, so do not waste time on one question only. 
  • Do not take guesses: There is negative marking and hence be judicious on questions where you decide to mark an answer without knowing the correct option. You can choose to take educated guesses (or guesses after eliminating 2-3 incorrect options) but we do not recommend blind guesses.


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